2-27-15: 100th Anniversary Celebration Announcement

17 Feb

[wptabs mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle] Event[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]The Redstone Labor Temple Association invites you to:

100th Anniversary of the
San Francisco Labor Temple
Redstone Building
February 27th 2015 6:00 PM
2948 16th Street — Free
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[wpspoiler name=”The Lab/or Play by the Lab” ]Be prepared for some Brechtian Theatre created by the Lab as the opener for our one hundredth anniversary event. The Lab invites workers throughout the Bay Area to come together and take stock, albeit with some tongue in cheek humor.[/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Slideshow – History of the Labor Temple” ]shortThis special 40 minute Slideshow presentation of the building’s history Covers extensive historic details of the property and its construction. Hundreds of archival images are woven together with news stories that led to the construction of the San Francisco Labor Temple, and the unions that constructed and lived in it. [/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Tour of the building” ]BinderThe tour will start with images of the building’s changes over the last century.  In a building designed for meetings large and small, we’ll walk you through the building with images of the past and murals on the first floor that include highlights its labor history. [/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Guest Speakers” ]Office of Supervisor David Campos, San Francisco Labor Council, former Assemblymember Tom Ammiano.  Frank Martin del Campo, president of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement will emcee the event[/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Rockin’ Solidarity Labor Heritage Chorus” ]
The Labor Heritage/Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is made up of workers from many unions, as well as students and independent folks who love to sing. We are dedicated to building more democracy and representation within our unions and we come together to celebrate our love of music and workers’ culture.[/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Puppet theater by Bob and Jill Owen”]
“The Birth of the Building:”  Big birds Zeke and Wanda take us through the
history of the Redstone Building. Our story includes such events as the
Creation of the World (two versions), the founding of Mission Dolores and
the Redstone Building, the Great Earthquake, and the SF General Strike.
With musical accompaniment by the SF Rockin’ Solidarity Labor Chorus.
[/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Francisco Herrera” ]Theologian, Cultural Worker, Singer-Songwriter, Francisco Herrera brings together different styles of music to promote human rights and Social Justice Latest album Honor Migrante crosses physical and musical borders.

Growing up in the border town of Calexico, Francisco  always straddles two worlds. “My siblings and cousins and I used to sing rancheras and some mariachi at family parties, and when we got a little older we started some garage rock bands,” he recalls of his early musical exploits. But as he became more involved in the church and social issues, in particular with the Latin American  Herrera began exploring ways to use music to further his goals of social justice.[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”100th Anniversary Booklet” ]The 40 page booklet will include images and highlights of the buildings hundred years of operations. [/wpspoiler]
There will be refreshments



[wptabtitle] Press Release[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]The Redstone Labor Temple, AKA the Redstone Building

WHAT: 100th anniversary Celebration

WHERE: 2948 16th Street (at Capp), Mission District, San Francisco

WHEN: Friday February 27th, 2015 6:00 PM

CONTACT: – Roger Herried (, Rick Gerharter (, Gary Gregerson (


Entering the 100 year old Redstone Labor Temple is like taking a walk through local labor history. Colorful murals depicting memorable moments in labor fill the two level entrance lobby. One is of striking workers dressed as horses outside the Emporium Department Store. Another shows the 1938 strike against the National Dollar Stores and the creation of the Chinese Ladies Garment Workers. Or the 1964 murder of Dow Wilson, an up and coming leader in the painters union ordered killed by a corrupt East Bay unionist. Other murals depict contemporary and community issues.

The Redstone Labor Temple, once home to the San Francisco Labor Council and nearly 100 union locals and labor support organizations, is celebrating its centennial anniversary. Construction started in 1914, with an addition in 1940. Major organizing activities during the San Francisco General Strike of 1934, 80 years ago, were centered in the building. The Labor Council called it home until 1968. Present tenants the United Taxi Cab Workers, and the Living Wage Coalition continue this labor tradition. The building was designated in 2004 as one of only two labor related San Francisco Historical Landmarks (#238).

Since the 1970’s the Redstone Building has continued this tradition of representing the progressive values and history of the Mission District. Over nearly 40 years, many community organizations, individual artists, theater and art spaces, community meeting rooms, and social service organizations such as Catholic Charities have called it home.

The Redstone was a center for anti-nuclear organizing against both nuclear weapons and the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Organizations housed in the building played a major role in the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. The LGBT Historical Society had its first office in the building and other LGBT organizations and artists continue to have offices in the building. Theaters include Theater Rhinoceros, Mojo Theater, Luna Sea, Teatro Esperanza, Teatro Ng Tanan and Kulintang Arts. The Lab has been resident since 1995. For more history check out the building’s wikipedia page.

Today the Redstone Building is at ground zero in the continuing displacement crisis in the Mission. Market rate, community-disrupting development is threatening the Redstone from all sides. We are facing upward pressure on commercial rents, changing demographics of the audience and service base of tenants, and pressure that threatens the commercial zoning of the building. But true to our history, Redstone tenants are joining with neighbors to demand deeply affordable housing and development that serves the neighborhood rather than destroys it.

From the colorful entrance murals depicting labor scenes to the many groups and progressive causes based in the building to its role in the North Mission today, there are many stories to tell and we hope you will help us tell them as the Redstone Labor Temple celebrates 100 years.
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This is the official online community for the Redstone Building in San Francisco.

It is hosted by the Redstone Labor Temple Association, and the tenants of the Redstone Building. Go here,  or to our wikipedia page for history of the building.

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