Labor Temple – Redstone Building Historic Status

10 Mar

On January 8th 2004 the San Francisco’s  Board of Supervisors voted to make the Redstone Building, formerly known as the S.F. Labor Temple a history landmark (rs-status Leg Final). After four years of work the Redstone Tenants Association’s dream of obtaining historic status had come true.  

Copy of 2004-9-7-90th-RTA-2

The idea of getting historic status started in late 1999 after an attempt to buy the building by a wealthy Dallas millionaire expressed interest in turning the building into a computer data server center.  After a couple of meetings a $2,000 grant proposal was won by March of 2000 that started the process.

Betty Traynor, the RTA’s president would walk Proposal-LM238 through the city’s complex process starting with the Landmark Board in May 2003.


In August of 2004, the tenants would hold a 90th birthday party for the building, as well as celebrate the historic status with a spectacular bash.  The highlight of the event came when the Labor Council’s Secretary Treasurer Walter Johnson presented the Historic Landmark – Number 238 – to Betty Traynor and Roger Herried.

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